Panthermoji by Steel Panther App Reviews

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Steel Panther!

Cool app. Make sure you allow full access. Seems buggy. Text auto deletes itself.

You Need This

This app is awesome!!! Now I can text Panther awesomeness all over the world!



Death to all buttmetal

Once they fix the pesky copy/paste issue this app will be amazing. I've successfully annoyed MANY people with it and regret NOTHING.

Works great if you read the directions!!

For those of you who are complaining that the emojis don't paste, you missed a step in the directions. After adding the keyboard in Settings you need to go back into Settings, tap on the Panthermoji keyboard and select 'Allow Full Access.'

Like it but has bugs

Nothing pastes to the clipboard to send to anyone, I'm having to go into the app and send it that way although gifs don't move when I do that :( I love this but bugs need fixed


Can't get it to copy and paste on my iPhone 7. Bummed!


I've been annoying the F out of my friends and family with this! Love it!!

emojis dont work

emoji state they copied to clipboard but when I paste it shows the last item I copied from days ago. When I tried through the app itself it would show the icon and select size in the message window but then just send #pantheremoji instead of the emoji. Keyboard for typing is also sluggish and unresponsive. Apparently I got the shocker and paid 99 cent for the experience.

Love Steel Panther

Hate this app. Says it copies to clip board but can't paste it.

Doesn't actually work

I hit the Lexxie emoji... it said copied, but it won't paste. I did the same for the shocker and Stix(it in ya) emojis and they didn't work either. Listen, Steel Panther is probably the greatest band of the 21st century but they should stick to rocking out, and not making apps that don't work. Ps. I'm currently on a date with Lexxie's sister.

Not working.

Emojis don't show up after you add and allow access to the keyboard.

Just some bugs but a funny app!

Does not copy to clipboard right now for the gifs.I also can't hear the voice clips either they aren't playing back through phone speakers.

Don't work. I want my money back

👎 👎 👎

It's the best!!!

FINALLY!!!!!! I don't know how I got along without this app. My friends love it cuz now I can actually send a Shocker emoji.

Can't cut and paste

Really bummed that it's not working like it should. Needs an update to fix the cut and paste part with the emoji's

Doesn't work

I added the keyboard and gave access but the keyboard doesn't come up.


Won't work. Says it copied to clipboard but it won't paste. Bummed it doesn't work.

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